Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Students are encouraged to involve in several co-curricular activities which help them to improve communication skills; develop the right kind of attitude; enhance leadership qualities and abilities; manage stress levels; emerge as team players; refine interpersonal skills and develop group skills.

The University encourages students to form activity clubs aimed at channelizing their talents towards organised studentship and methodical pursuit of their interests.

Co-curricular activities include: Group Discussions, Games, Elocution, Seminars, Debating Industrial Visits, Quizzes, Sports Meets, photography, Social Works, Skits & Plays Cultural Meets, Student Activity Clubs: Dance & Photography

These co-curricular activities help them to: Improve communication skills; Develop the right kind of attitude; Enhance leadership qualities and abilities; Manage stress levels; Emerge as team players; Refine interpersonal skills; Develop group skills.