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The MA (History) Program

The MA (History) Program

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The Master of Arts (MA) in History is a 2 year full time campus program offered by ICFAI University Mizoram which seeks to impart in depth knowledge in various aspects of the history of India and the World. The course focuses on various important eras, phenomenon and events that have defined the history of India and the world.

Two years

Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded the "Master of Arts in History" Degree by the University, subject to University regulations.

Graduate in any discipline with a minimum aggregate marks of 40% or more. Final year students awaiting results may also apply.

Program Structure:
The MA Program is organized into 4 semesters in two years. Candidates are required to complete 12 Major Papers and three electives. Students are additionally required to complete a Master's research project and a Post Graduate Dissertation.

MA (History) Program Structure
Semester-I Semester-II
YEAR I Concepts and Approaches in History History of India from C600 to C1500
History of India from the earliest Times to 600 CE Transformation of Europe (15th – 17th Centuries)
Aspects of Antiquity Research Methodology
Theories and Methods In Archaeology Elective I
Computer Concepts (Compulsory)
Master Research
Semester-III Semester-IV
YEAR II History of India from C1500 to C1800 History of India from C1800 to 1964
British India 1757 – 1857 World Politics in the 20th Century
History of Europe from 1789 to 1919 Elective III
Elective II Post Graduate Dissertation

Electives : Semester-II: History of Imperialism and Nationalism; History of East Asia. Semester-III: History of Modern France; Art and Architecture in Early Medieval India; History of the United States. Semester-IV: Nazism and Fascism in Europe; History of Russia; History of Nationalism in India, c. 1860 – 1914.