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Authorities of University

Authorities of University

The following shall be the authorities of the University, namely

  • Board of Governors
  • Board of Management
  • Academic Council
  • Finance Committee and
  • Such other authorities as may be declared by the Statutes to be the authorities of the University.

The above authorities have been constituted as per the provisions of relevant sections of the Act and the Statutes.

Officers of the University
Visitor The Hon'ble Governor of Mizoram
Chancellor Prof. J P Ramappa
Vice Chancellor Prof. R P Vadhera
Registrar Dr. David Lawmzuala
Finance Officer Mr. A. Karunakar
Authorities of the University

I Board of Governors
Prof J.P.Ramappa The Chancellor
Prof. R P Vadhera The Vice Chancellor
Dr. Y R Haragopal Reddy Member
Prof. J Mahender Reddy Member
Prof. R P Kaushik Member
Pu Biaktluanga, IAS, Commissioner & Secretary, Higher and Technical Education, Govt. of Mizoram One representative of the State Government
Mr Lalmalsawma (IAS Rtd), Former Chief Secretary to the Govt of Mizoram An educationist of repute to be nominated by the State Government
Prof. R.P.Vadhera, Pro-VC, Mizoram University One Academician to be nominated by the Visitor
II Board of Management
1 Prof. R P Vadhera, Vice Chancellor
2 Dr. David Lawmzuala, Registrar
3 Prof. Biplab Halder
4 Mr. R Prasad
5 Mr. K Sudhakar Rao
6 Prof. S V Seshaiah
7 Dr. P Venkateshwarlu
8 Prof Lianzela
III Academic Council
1 Prof. R P Vadhera, Vice Chancellor
2 Dr. David Lawmzuala, Registrar
3 Dr. Lalthanpuii Sailo
4 Mr. Nongamba Ningthemcha
5 Dr. Lalrammuana
6 Dr. Samuel L.Dingliana
7 Dr. Pryanshu Rana Borthakur
8 Mr. Surajit Sen
IV Finance Committee
1 Prof. R P Vadhera, Vice Chancellor
2 Dr. David Lawmzuala, Registrar
3 Mr. A Karunakar, Finance Officer
4 Mrs. P Varija
V Board of Studies
Faculty of Management
I. Vice-Chancellor: Chairman
II. Members:  
A. Department of Management, IUM:
1. Mr. Shamim Akthar(HOD Management)
2. Ms. Lalsangliani
B. Department of Commerce, IUM:
1. Mr. H. Vanlalawmpuia (HOD Commerce)
2. Ms. Aileen Malsawmdawngi
C. Department of Hospitality, IUM
1. Ms. Zairemmawii Ralte (HOD Hospitality)
III. Co-opted Members:  
A. Management
1. Prof. Naliniparva Tripathi,
Dean Alumni & External Relations, IIM Shillong

2. Dr. Samuel L. Dingliana
Former Registrar, IUM
Co-opted Member
B. Economics
1. Prof. Vanlachhawna (F.O.)
Department of Economics, Mizoram University, Aizawl
Co-opted Member
C. Commerce
1. Prof. N.V.R. Joyti Kumar
Department of Commerce, Mizoram University, Aizawl.
Co-opted Member
Faculty of Information Technology
I. Vice-Chancellor: Chairman
II. Members from IUM:  
1. Mr. Nongamba Ningthemcha (HOD, Deptt. of IT)
2. Mr. Lalmalsawma Hauhnar, Deptt of IT.
3. Mr. Badi Naran Singh, Deptt of IT
III. Co-opted Members:  
1. Prof. Lalit Kumar Singh
Dean School of Engineering & Technology,
Mizoram University, Aizawl.

2. Prof. Nasib Singh Gill
Head Deptt. of Computer Science & Application
Director, Directorate of Distance Education
M.D. University, Rohtak, Haryana
Co-opted Member
Faculty of  Humanities and Social Sciences
I. Vice-Chancellor: Chairman
Members from IUM:  
A. Department of English
1. Ms. Rodi Lalrammawii Hmar (HOD Eng)
2. Dr. Laltleipuii, Assistant Professor
B. Department of Education
1. Ms. Vanlalawmkimi (HOD Education)
C. Department of Political Science:
1. Ms. Fiona Lalmalsawmi (HOD Pol. Sci.)
2. Mr. Lalengkima, Assistant Professor
D. Department of History
1. Dr. Lalthanpuii Sailo (HOD History)
E. Department of Geography
1. Mr. David L. Lalramchullova (HOD Geography)
2. Dr. P.C Lalrohlua, Assistant Professor
F. Department of Social Work
1. Dr. Zothankimi Ralte (HOD)
2. Dr. K Vanlahruaizela, Assistant Professor
III. Co-opted Members:  
A. English
1. Prof. S.D.Baral
Department of English, MZU, Aizawl
Co-opted Member
B. Mizo
1. Prof. R. L.Thanmawia
Department of Mizo, MZU, Aizawl
Co-opted Member
C. Education
1. Prof. B.N. Panda
RIE, Bhawneswar, Odissa
Co-opted Member
D. Political Science
1. Prof. Ravi Satpathy (Rtd.)
Department of Political Science, NEHU, Shillong
Co-opted Member
E. History
1. Prof. Joy Pachuau
Centre Historical Studies
JNU, New Delhi
Co-opted Member
F. Social Work
1. Prof. Kalpana Sarthy
Regional Office, TISS, Gauhati
Co-opted Member
G. Geography
1. Prof. G. Kumar (Rtd.)
Department of Geography, MZU, Aizawl
Co-opted Member


The ICFAI University, Mizoram (hereinafter referred to as the University) was established under the provisions of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, Mizoram Act 2006, (Act No. 4 of 2006), vide Notification No. B.12012/2/2006-EDC, dated 19.10.2006.



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