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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Faculty of Management
S # Faculty Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Shamim Aktar Assistant Prof HOD Management Dept. M. Phil (Vinayka Mission University)
MBA (University of North Bengal)
2 Ms Zairemmawii Ralte Assistant Professor HOD H T  Dept. M.Sc (Hotel Management Catering). Punjab Technical University
3 Mr Jonathan Lalrinawma Assistant Professor M.A. (Tourism Admin), Amity University
4 Ms. Lalsangliani Assistant Professor LLB, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University,
LLM, Amity University
5 Dr J.Daizova Assistant Professor Ph.D. Mizoram University, MBA (Marketing) Sikkim Manipal University
6 Ms Vanlalhruaii Assistant Professor MBA (IIM Rohtak) B.Tech, Mumbai University

Faculty of Information Technology
S # Faculty Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. N.Ningthemcha Asst Prof & HOD I.T. MCA, Manipur University
2 Mr. Malsawma Hauhnar Assistant Professor M. Tech (Compt Sci), Karnataka State University
3 Mr.Y.Badi Naran Singha Assistant Professor M.Sc (Mathematics), Assam University

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
S # Faculty Name Designation Qualification
1 Mrs. Rodi Lalrammawii Hmar Assistant Prof HOD Eng M.Phil, MA (English), MZU
2 Dr Zothankimi Ralte Assistant Prof HOD Social Work Deptt. PhD, MSW, Mizoram University
3 Dr. Lalthanpuii Sailo Assistant Prof HOD Hist/Academic Coordinator PhD ( Hist) JNU, MA (Hist) Delhi Uni Un
4 Dr K.Vanlalhruaizela Assistant Professor PhD, MSW, Mizoram University
5 Mrs Pauline Lalthlamuani Assistant Professor M.Phil (Eng) – JNU, MA, Delhi University
6 Mr David A Lalramchullova Assistant Prof HOD Geog M.Phil, MSc(Geography) MZU
7 Dr P.C.Lalrohlua Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Geog), MSc (Geography), MZU
8 Dr Laltleipuii Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Linguistic) Mizoram University
M.A. (Linguistics)  FFLU Hyderabad
9 Ms Fiona Lalmalsawmi Assistant Prof HOD Pol.Sc  M.Phil, MA (Pol Sc) Delhi University
10 Mr Lalengkima Assistant Professor M.Phil, MA (Pol Sc) Mizoram University
11 Ms Aileen Malsawmdawngi Assistant Professor M.Com, Mizoram University                      
12 Mr H.Vanlalawmpuia Assistant Prof HOD Commerce  Dept. M.Com., NEHU Shillong 
13 Ms Vanlallawmkimi Assistant Professor HOD Edn Dept. M.Phil, MA (Education), Mizoram University
14 Mr Lalruattluanga Assistant Professor M.A. (Geog), Mizoram University

Non-teaching Staff
S .N Name Desigantion (Area of work)
1 Prof.R.P.Vadhera Vice Chancellor
2 Dr.  David Lawmzuala Registrar
3 Mr. B. Lalawmpuia Estate Manager
4 Mr Johny Lalruatfela Khawlhring System Administrator
5 Mr. H. Lalremruatpuia Development Officer
6 Ms. P. Lalchhuanpuii Administrative Assistant
7 Mr. P.B.Lalnuntluanga Record Assistant( Exam)
8 Ms. Rebecca Lalhmangaihremi Receptionist cum Office Assistant
9 Ms. Zodinpuii Student Counselor
10 Mr. H. Lalrinfela Plumber
11 Mr Malsawmdawngliana Library Assistant
12 Dr Lalrammuana Deputy Manager Exams
13 Mr R.Lalbiakmawia Library Assistant
14 Mr Hmangaihzuala Pachuau Placement Officer
15 Mr. Donny Lalruatfela Administrative Officer


The ICFAI University, Mizoram (hereinafter referred to as the University) was established under the provisions of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, Mizoram Act 2006, (Act No. 4 of 2006), vide Notification No. B.12012/2/2006-EDC, dated 19.10.2006.


Faculty Resources Faculty Resources

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