Campus Infrastructure


The University is endowed with excellent facilities required for creating a congenial academic atmosphere. Stateof- the-art infrastructure is available at the University to meet the requirements of the programs conducted.

Academic Complex

The University campus is spread across nearly 17.58 acres of land with built-up area of 43,000 sq.ft. The University is operating from its own premises. The Classrooms are well-equipped with latest audio-visual equipment, LCD Projector and there are many other facilities like language lab with 20 stations, IT lab, Auditorium that has 300 seating capacity and Video Conferencing room. The campus is also well equipped with fire fighting system, water harvesting and modern filtration system.

Infrastructure Details
Campus area 17.58 acres
Campus built-up area 43,000 Sq. ft.
Computer Lab 60 workstations
Language Lab 20 workstations
Library over 12,500 books and 40 journals /magazines
Auditorium 300 seating capacity
Classrooms 17


The University has a well-stocked library. Students have access to the finest selection of contemporary books and journals which supplement the prescribed reference books and textbooks, providing students an opportunity to gain significant appreciation of Management and IT subjects, going well beyond the classroom-based program. Library is augmented with books, periodicals, journals, magazines and other publications on a regular basis. The Library is managed with the SOUL Library Management software and an integrated management process for the library has been put in place.

# No Type of Books No. of Titles Total copies
1 Books 8,984 13,001
2 ICFAI Magazines/ Journals 26 26
3 Other magazines/ Journals 36 36
4 Newspapers 7 7


The University has following laboratories for imparting quality education

Computer Facilities

The University is equipped with the necessary latest hardware and software infrastructure to cater to the computing needs of all students and faculty and the training needs of information technology related courses. It is equipped with servers and multiple terminals with multiple operating systems enabling a client-server environment. The computer laboratory is equipped with a broadband internet connection with unlimited download and monitored by a Server with latest software.


A Mikrotik RTS 2011-UiAS router has been installed and is currently being integrated with the University’s intranet network.

Internet Connectivity

A 2Mbps internet connection from Airtel, Guwahati has been in operation.

English Language Lab

The University Language Lab consists of dedicated hardware and software designed for language training. The lab has 20 student terminals and one instructor’s terminal with voice input and output equipment.


BHTM Practical Rooms

In recognition of the importance of practical experience in the Hospitality field, the University has set up practical labs for food production, house keeping and front office training. The facilities are designed to give the students the hands on experience that will give them an edge in the job market.

Sports & Recreational Facilities

The University provides recreational facilities for indoor sports like Table Tennis and Carrom Board. The University has also installed a Basket Ball Board in the court yard for the students. Clubs have been formed for activities like Dance and Photography. The University also has sports teams in Cricket, Football and Basketball.


Optimization of Academic Space

The University is in the process of optimizing usage of academic space. Areas designated for support functions are being shifted out to provide more classroom space.

Bio Digester

An NOC has been signed by the University to be part of a project to install Bio Digester by the State Investment Program Management and Implementation Unit (SIPMIU) of the Government of Mizoram.

Food Production Lab Upgrade

The Food Production Lab of the University has been upgraded to include water supply and water discharge systems. Additional cooking equipment has been provided.

Water Harvesting System

The University has a water harvesting system to offset some of its water requirements